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passer-by n : a person who passes by casually or by chance [syn: passerby, passer] [also: passers-by (pl)]passerby n : a person who passes by casually or by chance [syn: passer-by, passer]

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  1. Alternative spelling of passer-by.

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Passerby is the self-titled EP by Passerby, now called Flyleaf.

Track listing

  1. Breathe Today
  2. Red Sam
  3. Cassie

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TV-viewer, adventurer, alpinist, astronaut, attestant, attestator, attester, beholder, bird-watcher, bystander, camper, climber, cojuror, comers and goers, commuter, compurgator, cosmopolite, cruiser, deponent, drugstore cowboy, earwitness, excursionist, explorer, eyewitness, fare, gaper, gazer, gazer-on, girl-watcher, globe-girdler, globe-trotter, goer, goggler, hajji, informant, informer, jet set, jet-setter, journeyer, kibitzer, looker, looker-on, mariner, mountaineer, observer, ogler, onlooker, palmer, passenger, passer, pathfinder, perceiver, percipient, pilgrim, pioneer, rubberneck, rubbernecker, sailor, seer, sidewalk superintendent, sightseer, sojourner, spectator, spectatress, spectatrix, straphanger, swearer, televiewer, television-viewer, temporary lodger, testifier, tourer, tourist, trailblazer, trailbreaker, transient, transient guest, traveler, trekker, tripper, viator, video-gazer, viewer, visiting fireman, voortrekker, voucher, voyager, voyageur, watcher, wayfarer, witness, world-traveler
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